Trolls Party Theme

Please select two items, one from each list below.

Please choose one item!


Grandma Rosiepuff’s Rainbow Garden Pasta:  Spaghetti pasta dyed rainbow colors mixed with butter and grated parmesan cheese

Biggie’s Pepperoni Pizza: Homemade dough topped with sauce, grated mozzarella cheese and pepperoni

Trolls Funfetti Pancakes: Lil’ Chefs will make pancake batter with lots of sprinkles to be cooked on a griddle and topped with a glaze.

Fashionista’s Trollicious Sandwich: White bread, crusts removed topped with cream cheese and sugar mixture with sprinkles added then rolled up.

Snack Pack’s Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas: Tortillas topped with chicken and grated cheddar cheese and baked in the oven or on the griddle


Please choose one item!

Troll Rainbow Funfetti Dip: Funfetti cake mix, vanilla yogurt, cool whip and vanilla all mixed together.  They will use food coloring to create the rainbow effect and have animal crackers for dipping

Poppy’s Pink Strawberry Cookies: Strawberry cake mix prepared by your Lil’ Chefs with blue mini melts added to make this scrumptious cookie

DJ Suki’s Rainbow Cupcakes with Cloud Fluff: Your Lil’ Chefs will prepare the cupcake batter, dye it 4 different colors and place in a cupcake liner to create a rainbow cupcake.  They will top it with Homemade Whipped Cream or “Cloud Fluff”

Branch’s Make You Happy Ice Cream Sundaes: Homemade vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce, sprinkles and a cherry

Cooper’s Rainbow Adventure Pop Tarts: Pie crust cut and dyed several colors filled with strawberry preserves, baked and topped with glaze

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