Superhero Party

Please select two items, one from each list below.

Please choose one from this section:

Green Lantern Pizza - We'll stir up some fun with homemade pizza dough and shape into various shapes!  We'll grate cheese and top our pizzas with yumminess superhero fun!

Superman Supersize Sandwiches – Oversized, stuffed sandwiches with your child’s favorite items


IronMan Quesadillas: Cheese quesadillas on our griddle or baked in the oven.  We can add chicken and veggies also.  Just request these ahead of time.


Light Saber Dogs: Hot dogs, crescent rolls, long skewers.  This fun food looks like a double ended light saber!  We'll dip in ketchup!


Hulk Bites: Crescent dough filled with your favorites.  Please select bacon, turkey or ham when choosing your menu and we'll add in the cheese and fun too!

Please choose one from this section:


Hulk Shake Smoothies Strawberry and banana smoothies with ice cream and honey with green food coloring.


Captain America Shield Cookies – We'll roll out and cut cookies in superhero shapes and top with icing and sprinkles!


Superhero Ultimate S’ Mores – Chocolate chips, graham crackers, chocolate syrup, and marshmallows arranged by your lil’ superhero and baked in our oven.

Superhero Swords - We'll create magic swords from pretzel rods, white chocolate and so many sprinkles they'll be magical with magic powers! 

Thor Hammer Snacks: Pretzels and cheese created to make "hammers"

Hulk Pudding Cups: We'll make pudding, turn it green and use a clear cup to make an edible "Hulk." We'll use oreos for his hair!  SUPER FUN!

Kryptonite Krispies: We'll make homemade rice krispies and shape into various shapes!

Spiderman Smash: We'll smash up jolly ranchers and fill those in cookie dough for a fun unforgettable cookie!

Captain America Strawberries: Dipped in white chocolate and then dipped in blue sugar!

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