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Darth Double Dogs: Hot dogs, crescent dinner rolls, long skewers to create a light sabor dog!

Pit Droid Pizza or C3PO Pizzas: Homemade pizza dough that they roll out, grate all of the cheese, and top with pepperoni.  


Forceful Frittata:  Baked with eggs, cheese, salt, pepper, milk.

Annakin Pancakes- Buttermilk pancakes with homemade whipped cream!

Anakin's Apple Crisp: Uses rolled oats, cinnamon, butter, apples, brown sugar and flour to create an apple crisp. Served with ice cream or homemade whipped cream that we can also make.

Wookie Cookies: Sugar Cookie dough that Lil’ Chefs make, then icut out with Star Wars

characters cookie cutters

Light Saber Wands: Pretzel rods dipped in green and blue tinted white chocolate, topped with glittered sugar.

Chewbaca Bites: Mini blueberry, banana or chocolate chip mini muffins!  Perfect sized for Chewbaca!

Thermal Detonators: Sausage, cheese and bisquick mixed together and rolled into balls!  Baked in our oven! OH MY!

Princess Leia's Mini Cinnamon Buns: Mini Cinnamon Rolls baked in our oven! YUM!

Jabba Juice: Smoothies filled with yummy goodness!

Space Puffs: Crescent rolls stuffed with edible turkey, ham or bacon (please specify) and baked in the oven with cheese!

Chewie's Chocolate Chip Chewies: Chocolate chip cookies, scratch made!

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