Sparkly Princess

& General Girl Recipes



Flour Power Cookies:  Lil’ Chefs will make homemade sugar cookies, roll out the cookies and use cookie cutters to cut out cookies. We would bake them and use beaded edible candy to decorate the cookies.


Pretty in Pink Tea Sandwiches – Mini swirl sandwiches filled with strawberry jelly, cream cheese, rolled up and thinly swirly sliced and sprinkled with colored sugar!


Candy Coated Dragonflies- Pretzel twists and large pretzel rods, white chocolate and decorating sugars and sprinkles, assembled to create an edible dragonfly!


Apple Dews: Apple dumplings made with apples, sugar, crescent rolls, mountain dew and a few secret ingredients!


Lil' Ladybugs – Red seedless grapes, toothpicks, strawberries, chocolate chips – Assemble to resemble lady bugs.


Magic Wands: Pretzel rods dipped in chocolate and coated with sprinkles and colored sugar. Ask us and we'll do a magic wand parade through the studio at your party!


Royal Strawberry Tarts: Layered puff pastry, strawberries, homemade whipped cream, and strawberry jam. Oh my!


Bitsy Bacon & Cheese Bites (or ham or turkey): Crescent rolls, cheese, bacon rolled and baked. Please let us know if you prefer bacon, ham or turkey for your filling.


Bitsy Banana Bread Bites: Banana bread made in small baking tins. A popular recipe and oh so yummy!


Pink Pudding – Vanilla pudding, vanilla flavoring, decorating sprinkles and sugars.


Pink Ice Cream Sandwiches – Lil’ Chefs would create Rice Krispy Treats with sprinkles and ice cream. The rice krispy treats would serve as the bread and the ice cream would be in the center.


Flower Pot Ice Cream – We would use watering cans or pots, layer cake and ice cream with silk flowers on top with sprinkles.  Topped with Oreos and gummy worms!  An edible garden of yumminess!


Fancy Fruit Tarts – Pie crust dough cut into mini shapes, baked in our oven.  Once cool, we'll add chopped fresh fruit and homemade whipped cream.


Pink Sparkly Punch – Fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice, strawberry flavored water, cherries with juice.


Mini Marshmallow Smoothies – Bananas, strawberries combined in our blender!  Topped with marshmallows!


Sugar Cone Fairy Hats – An upside down sugar cone with candy assembled on the outside with frosting.  We'll place it on a scoop of ice cream! 


Sugar and Spice Sandwich Swirls – sugar and cinnamon, cream cheese, bread, powdered sugar and strawberry jam.  Spread mixture on bread, roll up and slice.  Garnish with sprinkles.


Fruit Magic Wands – Fruit and marshmallow kabobs on a long stick!


Fairy Queen Quiches – Mini pie crusts baked with egg and cheese mixture.  Ask us ahead of time and we'll add spinach or bacon or ham!


Ham and Cheese Frittatas: Cheddar cheese, eggs, ham baked in mini muffin tins!


Mystical Moon Pies – Marshmallow cream, food coloring, pie cookies, they would layer cookies + marshmallow cream and top with sprinkles.


Fancy Pink Cocoa – Hot chocolate ... only it's pink!!


Baked Snowflakes – Flour tortillas, butter, sugar. We would fold flour tortillas like folding a paper snowflake. Use scissors to cut triangles and shapes out.  Bake and use powered sugars to decorate.

Fairy Marshy Pops – Giant marshmallows dipped with chocolate and sprinkles on a long lollipop stick!

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