Pony Tails


Please choose two items!


Pony’s Favorite Apples:  Candy coated apples with white chocolate or milk chocolate and rolled in sprinkles.   


Strawberry Sweetie Pies: Mini graham cracker crusts filled with white chocolate pudding, and topped with a chocolate or white chocolate covered strawberry.

Braided Ponytail Pretzels: Bread dough, vanilla frosting, sprinkles and decorating sugars. We'll "braid" our dough to create a pony tail! 

Little Ponytail Puffs: Puff pastry, smoked sausages and homemade dipping sauce.

Winner’s Circle Donuts: refrigerated biscuits, butter, and homemade glaze

Pony Pizza: We'll make homemade pizza dough, shape line a pony, grate cheese and slice toppings

Catch-a-Star Cookies: Homemade cookies and decorated in a star shape

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