Paw Patrol Party


Please choose one main dish item:


Skye’s Crunchy Spaghetti Tacos:  A crunchy taco shell filled with angel hair pasta cover with pasta sauce and topped with grated cheddar and parmesan cheese

Dogs in a Blanket w/Homemade Honey Mustard: Hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls, served with honey mustard made by the children.

Pupperoni Pizza Bombs: Biscuits cut and pressed out topped with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni, then sealed and baked. 

Ryder’s Cheesy Macaroni: Also known as mac & cheese.

Zuma’s Bacon Egg Pup Cups: Bacon placed in a muffin cup, eggs cracked and seasoned then added to muffin cup and baked.


Please choose one side dish item:


Rubbles Rumbly Tummy Dog Bones – Homemade cookie dough cut out with dog bone cookie cutters.


Puppy Fruit Kibble – Strawberries, grapes, kiwis, bananas and peach pie filling sliced and mixed together. 


Rocky’s Paw Print Cookies – Homemade Sugar cookie dough rolled into balls and baked.  Then topped with icing and chocolate chips to create a paw print.


Confetti Puppy Chow – Rice and corn cereal mixed with vanilla candy coating, white cake mix, confectioner’s sugar and sprinkles.


Marshall’s Corn Dog Muffins – Homemade muffin with a surprise “piece of hot dog” inserted in the center and baked.

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