Mystical Rainbow Unicorn

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Unicorn Fluff Pudding

Ride the rainbow craze with this unicorn party dessert made with vanilla pudding, mini marshmallows, graham crackers and sprinkles.  A winning combination!


Rainbow Garden Pasta

This recipe for Rainbow Garden Pasta is so bright and fun!  It has pastel swirls and all kinds of colorful!  With pasta and food coloring, we create this colorful and fun recipe to make and eat.


Unicorn Sugar Vanilla Cookie Bars

Colored frosting and lots of sprinkles add a fun flair to these easy Vanilla Unicorn Sugar Cookie Bars. Making and frosting the cookies will certainly bring big smiles at your party!


Unicorn Horns

Crispy pretzel sticks wrapped in caramel, coated in white chocolate, and showered in sprinkles!


Rainbow Unicorn Punch & Homemade Whipped Cream

Lemon Lime Soda, Homemade Whipped Cream and Sherbet in a fun plastic cup that will bring so many bubbles and smiles to your party guest! We’ll top it with homemade whipped cream!


Rainbow Marshmallows & Strawberries

Giant marshmallows and strawberries dipped in white chocolate and topped with more sprinkles than you can count!


Unicorn Pop Tarts

Colorful pie dough, strawberry filling and tons of fun!


Unicorn Poop Truffles

We all know Unicorns poop rainbow colors!  Now we’ll make Rainbow Poop Truffles which are cake balls dipped in white chocolate and covered with sprinkles!


Rainbow Blondies

Cake Batter Blondies are a wonderfully, decadent, amazing small brownie. With white chocolate chips to make it rich, and rainbow sprinkles baked in the batter, this treat gives a burst of color. It is a dense, gooey bar that is so fun to make!


Unicorn & Rainbow Cookies

Cookies are a favorite for Unicorns and they especially love cookies with sprinkles.  You’ll make the cookie batter and add lots of colored sprinkles.  These Unicorn & Rainbow Cookies will be bursting with color!

Rainbow Cupcakes 

Cupcakes made from scratch mixed with food coloring and baked to create a delicious rainbow in every bite!

Unicorn Fruit Dip

Vanilla Greek yogurt combined with honey and cream cheese then swirled with drops of food coloring and topped with sprinkles.  Served with bananas, strawberries and grapes for dipping.


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