Minion Party

Please select two items, one from each list below.


Choose one of the following for your main dish: 

Minion Pancakes: We will make buttermilk pancakes and homemade whipped cream.  Each child will decorate a pancake using whipped cream and chocolate chips to make it look like a Minion.

Minions Look a Like Pizzas: Homemade pizza dough.  We'll form a round circle for our Minion and add a pepperoni for the eye along with black olive slices for the mouth.

Lucy’s Cheesy Taco Taco Pasta: Cooked pasta shells, browned chopped meat combined with taco seasoning and more to create this yummy dish.

Angus’ Breakfast Frittatas: Your choice of filling; ham or bacon.  Please let us know when you make you food selections.

Dr Nefario’s Disappearing Spaghetti Pie: Noodles combine with an egg, parmesan and butter to form a crust on the bottom.  Topped with cottage cheese and spaghetti sauce with mozzarella cheese on top.  Baked to create a pie.



Choose one for the following for your side dish:



Minion Rice Krispie Treats: Homemade rice krispie treats, cut out with a cookie cutter and decorated with fruit rollups, melted chocolate, candy eyes to create your own Minion.


Kevin’s Pretzels: Pretzel rods dipped in melted white chocolate, covered with yellow and blue sprinkles and one candy eye.

Gru’s Shrinking Moons: Homemade donuts covered in powdered sugar.

Stuart’s Banana Pudding: Vanilla and banana pudding combined with cream cheese, whipped topping and vanilla, layered over crushed vanilla wafers and banana slices.  Then topped with Oreo cookies for eyes.

Kyle the Dog’s Mini Muffins: Muffin dough made by the children with a surprise “piece of hot dog” inserted in the middle.

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