Mexican Fiesta/Coco

Please select two items, one from each list below.

Main Courses: (Please choose one)


Flamin’ Hot Pizzas Each chef will make his or her own homemade pizza with their own pizza dough, grate cheese and we have pepperoni as well as spicy toppings for our adventurous Lil’ Chefs!


Totally Awesome Spicy Mac’N Cheesy  Three cheese blended with butter, cream and noodles.  Baked in individual containers. Can add spices to liven it up!


Mexican Empanadas Stuffed Pockets baked with cheese and other ingredients


Mexican Quesadillas Tortilla shells with grated cheese and grilled on our pancake griddles or baked in the oven.  Served with salsa and chips.


Fiesta Burritos: Lil’ Chefs will stuff our burrito shells with burrito fillings of their choice, roll them up and bake!

Cheesy Mini Bacon Bites: Crescent rolls, cheese, and bacon or ham rolled together and baked.


Tacos! Hard or soft shell tacos with ground beef or ground chicken.  Children will cook the meat, grate the cheese, slice tomatoes and lettuce. Served with sour cream and salsa.

Side Items: (Please choose one)


la manzana Apple Dumplings Crescent rolls, apple slices, mountain dew and more!


Grand S’Mores Throwdown Who can create the most unique and tallest creation with marshmallows, chocolate chips, graham crackers and chocolate syrup?


Mexican Chocolate Dippers We melt chocolate and then roll marshmallows, pretzels and other fun items into the chocolate dip and sprinkle with sprinkles


Tropical Fruit Kabobs Lil’ Chefs will slice and dice fruits and thread onto a kabob stick.


Baked Churros: Bread dough shaped like a churro (donut).  Lil’ Chefs will shape their churro, spread on butter and sprinkle cinnamon sugar

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