Hawaiian Luau


Please choose a total of two items…

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section and one from the side item list.


ENTREES: Please choose one from this list

Hawaiian Pizzas – Homemade pizza dough with pineapple, ham, and green peppers, or eggs, pineapple and ham. Please specify toppings you would like when making menu selections.


Hawaiian Hibachi Noodles – Veggies sautéed in the wok and covered with a sweet ginger soy sauce. Veggies and sauce will top egg noodles (very yummy!).


Hawaiian Quesadillas – Grilled chicken, cheese, pineapple on our griddles.


Ham & Cheese Frittatas: Lil’ Chefs will cut up ham, crack eggs, grate cheese and bake in mini muffin cups to create small treats! 

Big Island Rolls: Roll on over and we'll roll up pineapple and ham in crescent rolls and bake in our oven!

Hawaiian Ham and Cheese Sliders: Ham, Pineapple (optional), Cheddar Cheese on mini buns and baked in the oven!

Aloha Meatballs: We'll roll up our sleeves and get busy in the kitchen with Hawaiian inspired mini meatballs!

Kauai Giant Stuffed Seashells: We'll stuff our giant shells with ricotta and spinach and top with a yummy sauce and cheese!  

Hawaiian Baked Chicken Skewers: We'll make a Polynesian sauce and dip our chicken, pineapple and cherry kabobs into this amazing yummy sauce we have handcrafted! 


SIDES: Please choose one from this list


Maui Dippers –We melt chocolate and then roll marshmallows and pretzels into the chocolate dip and sprinkle with sprinkles.


S’mores:  Chocolate chips, graham crackers, marshmallows, Hershey’s syrup. Baked in the oven.


Candy Coated Dragonflies- Pretzel rods and pretzel twists dipped in white chocolate and assembled to create an edible dragonfly.  Topped with sprinkles!


Hawaiian Ladybugs – Red seedless grapes, toothpicks, strawberries, chocolate chips – Assemble to resemble lady bugs.


Hawaiian Flour Power Cookies – Cookies rolled and pressed out.  Decorated with icing.


Molten Volcano Erupting Lava Cakes - These delightfully decadent lava cakes, oozing with rich melted chocolate. Served with vanilla ice cream.

Pineapple Upside Down Muffins  – So yummy!!  

Tropical Fruit Kabobs: We'll slice and dice fruits and thread on a kabob stick!

Jungle Juice Smoothies: Fresh juices and fruits combined in the blender with SO MUCH FLAVOR!

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