Hogwarts Banquet: The Wizard and the Wand


Please choose two items below


Cauldron Cakes– Our delicious buttermilk pancake recipe makes awesome cauldron cakes! We'll make homemade whipped cream also! Please do not choose pizza also with cauldron cakes since there is not enough time to make both!


Butterbeer (non-alcoholic of course) – This is a yummy sweet drink that Harry and all of his friends love to have at Hogwarts!


Harry's English Apple Dews – The best way to eat apples, baked in crescent rolls with a surprising ingredient of mountain dew!

Polyjuice Potion Smoothies: Magical smoothies filled with yumminess to fuel Harry Potter's adventures!

Golden Snitches: Egg cups baked with ham or bacon and cheese! OH MY!

Molly's Mini Meat Pies: Small hamburger and cheese filled pies!

Hogs Head Meatballs: Meatballs hand-formed with hamburger, panko bread crumbs and a few other amazing ingredients!

Treacle Mini Tarts: Small pie crust tarts filled with fresh fruits and topped with homemade ice cream

Hufflepuff Pizza: Homemade pizza dough topped with your favorite toppings!  Please do not choose pizza with Cauldron Cakes as there is not enough time to make both

Wizardly Hats: Pie crust folded and brushed with butter, topped with cinnamon sugar formed like a wizardly hat!

Pumpkin Pasties: Yummy mini pumpkin muffins filled with cinnamon, sugar, flour and of course ... pumpkin!

Harry's Liquid Jelly Slug Lava Cakes: Always a favorite at Flour Power ... lava cakes with liquid center of CHOCOLATE!  Topped with vanilla ice cream and "jelly slugs" (gummy worms)

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