Grosser Than Gross


Please choose two of the following:

Maggot Sliders: Mini cheeseburger sliders!  All yummy food!

Kitty Litter Cake: Cake, pudding, oreos, tootsie rolls and gummy worms ... yes, it's in a kitty litter box served with a kitty litter scooper!

Cookie Doo Drops: How do you even describe?  Made from eggless cookie dough with crushed Oreos, rolled in log form like doo doo.

Boogers on Sticks: CheezeWhiz, pretzels, green coloring and more!  We'll pick off the boogers and eat them! YUM!

Edible Eyeballs: Pudding frozen, life savers and jelly beans!

Homemade Slime: Nonedible, but we'll put in a baggie to send home for more hours of fun!

Unicorn Poop: White chocolate swirled with edible treats such as small decorating balls!

Mummy Meatloaf: We'll form a mummy shaped meatloaf and wrap up mummy style!

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