Golf Par-Tee

Please select two items, one from each list below.


Choose one of the following for your main dish:


Grand Slam Buttermilk Pancakes: We will make buttermilk pancakes and homemade whipped cream. 

“Green” Pizzas: Homemade pizza dough shaped in a circle, topped with sauce, grated mozzarella cheese dyed green (grass) and one piece of pepperoni (putting hole).

Spaghetti Golf Ball Cups: Cooked spaghetti pasta pressed into a muffin cup with a meatball in the center and topped with sauce

Chicken “Club” Sandwich: A chicken breast grilled on a griddle, with homemade avocado spread all on bread with a slice of lettuce and tomato.

US Open Dogs in a Blanket: Crescent rolls wrapped around lil’ hot dogs and baked.  Your Lil’ Chefs will also make honey mustard sauce for dipping


Meatball Golf Balls in sauce: Homemade meatballs made by your Lil’ Chefs, baked and topped with sauce



Choose one for the following for your side dish:


Holes in One Donuts: Donut holes made by your lil’ chefs and rolled in powdered sugar


Grass Cookies: Homemade sugar cookies topped with green icing and green sprinkles

Sand Trap Cake: Chocolate and vanilla cakes, vanilla pudding, vanilla sandwich cookies mixed in a pan and topped with marshmallow fondant golf balls

Par 4 Pudding Cups: Your Lil’ Chefs will make chocolate pudding and crush Oreo cookies to layer in a plastic cup topped with green icing and green sprinkles

Golf Club Rice Crispies: Homemade rice crispies shaped like a club with a pretzel rod used as the club handle.  Top of the club handle will be dipped in black candy melts for the rubber on the handle.

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