General Entrees and Side Items

If you find items you like here, we can try to work the food items into your theme. 

Just ask us for help! 


Please choose one main item:

Pizzas – Homemade pizza dough with choice of toppings.


Spaghetti Pie – Noodles combined with an egg, parmesan and butter to form a crust on the bottom. Topped with cottage cheese and spaghetti sauce with Mozzarella cheese on top. Baked and sliced to create a pie.


Stuffed Shells – Ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese mixture stuffed into shells.  Covered with spaghetti sauce and baked.  Great with Garlic Bread (if you choose garlic bread too, that would count as your two items).


Japanese Hibachi Noodles – Veggies sautéed in the wok and covered with a ginger soy sauce. Veggies and sauce would top egg noodles (very yummy!)


Quesadillas – With or without chicken on soft taco shells and cooked on our griddle or in the oven.


Ham & Cheese Frittatas: Lil’ Chefs will cut up ham, mix eggs, grate cheese and bake in mini muffin cups to create small treats! 


Monte Cristo: To make the Monte Cristos, we will stack swiss cheese, turkey, ham on bread. Mix together eggs and milk. Dip sandwich into egg batter and cook in skillet until golden brown. While sandwich cooks, we will warm maple syrup and use as side dippers.


Mini French Toast Sandwiches: Spread jelly on two slices of bread. Top with bananas or other fruits and use jelly to “glue” the breads together. Mix together eggs and milk. Dip sandwich into egg batter and cook Sammie in skillet until golden brown. While sandwich cooks, we will warm maple syrup and use as side dippers.


Bacon and Cheese Mini Quiches: Pie crust, bacon, cheese, eggs, milk. Mix ingredients and pour into cups and bake. 


Buttermilk Pancake Stacks We can make blueberry, chocolate chip, or banana shortcakes

(pancakes) with homemade whipped cream.

Totally Awesome Mac and Cheese - 3 cheese mac and cheese mixed with cream and baked to a golden perfection! Each child would make his or her own mini casserole.


Cheesy Mini Bacon Bites: Crescent rolls, cheese, and bacon (or ham or turkey) rolled together and baked.  A very popular item!


Raspberry or Strawberry Swirl Mini Tea Sandwiches – White bread, cream cheese, jam, fresh strawberries or raspberries and colored sugar crystals. Roll up and cut spiral.


Ground Beef or Chicken Tacos – Soft or hard shell with choice of toppings.  We also like to make homemade salsa at this party (if you choose the salsa, that would count as your two recipes).


SIDE ITEM OPTIONS (Please choose one)


Chocolate Dippers –We melt chocolate and then roll marshmallows and pretzels into the chocolate dip and sprinkle with sprinkles.


S’Mores:  Chocolate chips, graham crackers, marshmallows, hershey’s syrup. Baked in the oven.


Candy Coated Dragonflies- 8 to 10 squares vanilla bark candy. Food coloring, large pretzel twists and large pretzel rods, and decorating sugars and sprinkles. Melt vanilla. Coat pretzels with melted chocolate. Attach the pretzel rod to the twist. Sprinkle on decorations. Let dry.


Little Ladybugs – Red seedless grapes, toothpicks, strawberries, chocolate chips – Assemble to resemble lady bugs.


Magic Princess Wands: Similar to the candy coated dragon flies… just long rods that we would also attach fancy candy flowers to.


Fruit Kabobs: Lil’ Chefs will use our safety knives (don’t worry… they can’t cut themselves!) to slice misc fruits and thread on a kabob stick.  A very fun activity!


Pink Princess Pudding – Vanilla pudding, vanilla flavoring, decorating sprinkles and sugars – could use as a side dish to any of the cookie or muffin/bread recipes.


Baked Snowflakes – Flour tortillas, butter, sugar. We would fold flour tortillas like folding a paper snowflake. Use scissors to cut triangles and shapes out.  Bake and use powered sugars to decorate.


Sugar Cone Fairy Hats –An upside down sugar cone with candy assembled on the outside with frosting and a scoop of ice cream underneath.

Totally Awesome Cookies: Cookies rolled and pressed out.  Decorated with sprinkles.  Depending on the age of the child, we may make the cookie dough ahead of time, and have children roll out dough, and cut with cookie cutters.

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