Chocolate Factory

Please choose two of the following items!


Charlie Bucket O Chicken Tenders: Hand breaded and baked chicken tenders, served with ketchup on the side


Veruca Salt ‘N Pepper Oven Baked Fries: Lil’ Chefs will peel and cut potatoes, season and bake in the oven.


Charlie’s Molten Chocolate River Lava Cakes: Ooey gooey chocolate that flows lava from the center.  Always a favorite at Lil’ Chef!


Mike Teevee's Disappearing Pizza: Homemade dough made by your Lil’ Chefs.  Children will also knead their own dough, grate cheese and create their own individual pizzas.


Violet Boueguard Blueberry Muffins: Bite sized mini scratch made blueberry muffins


Disappearing Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas: Chicken and cheese quesadillas served with chips and salsa on the side

Chocolate Factory Stained Glass Cookies: Just like stained glass in windows, we'll create "stained glass" with crushed hard candy in cookies!


Willy Wonka's Flubber: Homemade slime (non-edible) to take home in a baggie!


Chocolate River Dippers: Melted chocolate with bite sized items to dip including pretzels, strawberries, giant marshmallows and bananas!

Wonkariffic Marshy Sticks: Giant marshmallows, dipped with chocolate and covered with sprinkles on long lollipop sticks!

Golden Goose Egg Frittatas: Is it a good egg or a bad egg?  All eggs at Flour Power are awesome and we'll turn regular eggs into crazy good frittatas in our mini muffin pans!  We can add cheese, bacon, spinach or whatever you'd like! Just specify ingredients if you choose this recipe!

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