Happy Camper

(Previously called "Inside Out Campout"... same party! Just a new name)

Please select two items, one from each list below. Also feel free to wear your clothes inside out for an extra fun party!

Main items: (Please choose one from this top section)

CampOut Pizzas:  Each chef will make his or her own homemade pizza with their own scratch made pizza dough, grate cheese and we have pepperoni as well.  If you have any special ingredient toppings you would like to add, just let us know ahead of time.


Totally Awesome Mac’N Cheese:  Three cheeses blended with butter, cream and noodles.  Each child creates their own golden brown entree baked to perfection! Baked in individual containers.


Breakfast Pancakes: Homemade buttermilk pancakes! 


Mexican Empanadas: Stuffed Dough Pockets with cheese and other ingredients such as ground beef or chicken (please specify chicken cheese, ham or ground beef)


CampOut Quesadillas: Chicken, cheese and veggies baked golden brown and stuffed by your lil chef!


Cheesy Mini Bacon Bites: Crescent rolls, cheese, and bacon or ham rolled together and baked. 

Hobo CampOut Hamburgers: Each child will create a hamburger patty, topped with potato slices, baby carrots, and onions.  Baked wrapped up in foil!

Side Items: (Please also choose one from below)


Apple Dumplings: Crescent rolls rolled up with apple slices tucked inside, topped with mountain dew and a secret sauce

Grand S’Mores Throwdown Who can create the most unique and tallest creation with marshmallows, chocolate chips, graham crackers and chocolate syrup?)


Chocolate Dippers: We melt chocolate and then roll marshmallows, pretzels and other fun items into the chocolate dip and sprinkle with sprinkles


Little Ladybugs: Red seedless grapes, toothpicks, strawberries, chocolate chips – Assemble to resemble lady bugs.


Fruit Kabobs: Lil’ Chefs will cut up fresh fruit, and thread onto a kabob stick!

Smores CampOut Cones: Waffle cone stuffed with teddy grahams, marshmallows and chocolate chips!  Baked in foil and then topped with chocolate syrup from the oven! YUM YUM YUM!

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