American Doll Party

Bring your favorite doll or animal to the party & we'll dress them up with aprons!


Please choose two of the following items!


American Girl STAR Cookies:  Homemade sugar cookies, roll out the cookies and use a star cookie cutter to cut out cookies. We would bake them and use beaded edible candy to decorate the stars!


Julie Albright’s Candy Coated Dragonflies- Large pretzel twists and large pretzel rods, dipped in white chocolate and decorating sugars and sprinkles.


Lanie’s Campout S’Mores: S’Mores with marshmallows, chocolate chips, graham crackers and syrup.


Bitty Babies Bitty Ladybugs: Red seedless grapes, toothpicks, strawberries, chocolate chips.  Assemble to resemble lady bugs.


American Girl Princess Wands: Similar to the candy coated dragonflies… just long rods that we would also attach fancy candy flowers to.


Bitty Baby’s Bacon & Cheese Bites (or ham or turkey) – please specify): Crescent rolls, cheese, bacon rolled and baked.


Bitsy Banana Bread Bites: Banana bread bites made in small mini muffin pans.


Star Shine Strawberry Muffins – Strawberry muffins…  scratch made!  YUM!


Perfect Pink Pudding – Vanilla pudding, vanilla flavoring, pink food coloring, decorated with sprinkles and colored sugars


American Girl Ice Cream Sandwiches –Rice Krispy Treats with sprinkles and ice

cream. The rice krispy treats would serve as the bread and the ice cream would be in the center.


Flower Pot Ice Cream – We use small flower pots, layering cake and ice cream with silk flowers on Top!  Complete with Oreos for dirt and gummy worms for fun!


Fancy Fruity Magic Tarts – Pie crust dough, Magic Shell chocolate ice cream topping or yogurt and fresh fruit. Would assemble to make individual tarts.


Mini Marshmallow Smoothies – Bananas, strawberries, milk, and vanilla – Combine in blender. Garnish with marshmallows.


Ham and Cheese Frittatas: Cheddar cheese, eggs, ham baked in mini muffin tins!  If you have specific ingredients you would like us to use other than ham and cheese, just ask!


Mystical Moon Pies – Marshmallow cream, food coloring, pie cookies, they would layer cookies + marshmallow cream and top with sprinkles.


Baked Snowflakes – Flour tortillas, butter, sugar. We would fold flour tortillas like folding a paper snowflake. Use scissors to cut triangles and shapes out.  Bake and use cinnamon and sugar for toppings!


Fairy Princess Marshmallow Pops – Vanilla bark candy, craft sticks, large marshmallows, sprinkles.  YUM!


Nanea’s Hawaiian Pizzas – Homemade pizza dough with pineapple, ham, and green peppers, or eggs, pineapple and ham. Please specify toppings you would like when making menu selections.


Hawaiian Baked Chicken Skewers: We'll make a Polynesian sauce and dip our chicken, pineapple and cherry kabobs into this amazing yummy sauce we have handcrafted! 


Maui Dippers –We melt chocolate and then roll marshmallows and pretzels into the chocolate dip and sprinkle with sprinkles.


Tropical Fruit Kabobs: We'll slice and dice fruits and thread on a kabob stick!

Jungle Juice Smoothies: Fresh juices and fruits combined in the blender with SO MUCH FLAVOR!

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